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We've had a good time! Covid restrictions have made things awkward and the staff are a tad overwhelmed with the shifting sands of govt policy and legal mumbo jumbo but they've pulled through to made it enjoyable.
There were technical issues with login in it my account to book. But all you need is your name, booking ref and park name instead of logging in (click book activities) that skips the 'failed to fetch' error.
Book the mash and barrel for outdoor splash zone, drinks and food.
Marina bar is doing bingo, and meet the square for kids and playing music (we never went as we have a toddler)
Swimming is 8 slots per holiday group, we went once as we varied our days.
If you have £50 food vouchers, they can be used for takeaway, at the bars when sitting in AND the supermarket. You can turn up order and collect if you dont have access to the app (part of the park are a dead zone for signal and WiFi is at the complex only).
Beach is a short walk away, went 3 times!
Went to the Welsh mountain zoo and sea zoo too.

Location Of The Holiday Park